About Us

For more than 35 years, we TTWO- Modern Furnitre Design  have our own professional R&D team spespecializing in high-end interior decoration lighting and furnish.

Our products are popular in Europe South America and Asia, and have good market shares oversea with its skillfull craft and aexccellent quality .

We can also design and develop different kinds of lightings according to your deawings or photo which provided by clients.

TTWO- Modern Furniture Design attaches great importance to customes service ensuring efficient communication, controlled production and on-time delivery ,wich are the prerequisites for a smooth business and reliable partnership.


We Modern Furniture Design love life and design every season will produce many new products, products leal the fashion delay .


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  • Research and Design

  • CAD structure drawing

  • Inspection of Raw materials

  • Hardware manufacture

  • R&d sample production

  • Semi-finished product inspection

  • Assembly and testing

  • Check and Pack


Our Furniture store was founded in Berlin in 2005 by a team of passionate individuals who shared a love for beautiful and functional design. Our goal was to provide customers with a wide range of lighting and furniture options, from modern to classic, that would not only brighten their homes but also enhance their lives.