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Bathroom Furniture Bathtub LED Luminous Personalized Home Advanced Color Hot Tub

Bathroom Furniture Bathtub LED Luminous Personalized Home Advanced Color Hot Tub

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Style: Minimalist Modern

Material: Plastic

Appearance: Modern

【 Product Description 】

Product name: LED luminous Bathtub

Size: according to the parameters 185*85*55CM

Material: PE

Waterproof grade: IP54

Voltage range: 100-240V

Dc voltage: 5V

Battery life: 5W-8WH

Charging time: 6-8h

Working time: 10 to 12 h

Battery capacity: 1000-4400mah

Product color: Product is white

Light color: RGB LED, can be converted into 16 colors by remote control or button, can fix a color, can also automatically change color.

【 Product features 】

1. The shell is made of roller molding process and ground PE, with high toughness, no deformation, not easy to break, good wear and corrosion resistance.

2. Low carbon products, using high temperature and explosion proof aluminum film rechargeable lithium battery power, convenient and safe, energy saving and environmental protection.

3. Use highlighted RGB LED beads for long service life.

4. Through light effect is good, red, green, yellow, blue, purple, green, white wait for monochrome display, dreamy colorful gradient, the light is downy, have fixed function of color, there are four kinds of automatic flash flash modes to choose from, can be controlled by remote control button, achieve different luminous effect, choice of be fond of colour, advanced visual enjoyment, more add profusion colour.

5. Widely used, novel style, easy to carry and transport, not afraid of falling, not afraid of falling, not afraid of sun and rain, wear resistance.

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