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Outdoor Pool Helsinki Wooden Swimming Pool With Structure In Northern Pine 4.86 x 3.36 x 1.20 m

Outdoor Pool Helsinki Wooden Swimming Pool With Structure In Northern Pine 4.86 x 3.36 x 1.20 m

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Wooden pool Wooden swimming pool with a structure in Northern pine4.86 x 3.36 x 1.20 m


Scandinavian or Byelorussian elongated octagonal wooden swimming pool kit - 4.86 x 3.36 x 1.20 m - Class 4 FSC autoclave treated pine - 45mm - Pale blue liner 75/100th - Filtration 4 m3/h - Pine coping - Bottom and wall felt - 1 bag of sand - European production. This Miami wooden pool will allow you to spend a great summer with your family. Thanks to its dimensions (4.86 x 3.36 m) you will be able to perform a few strokes followed by a well-deserved relaxation. Your children will be happy to have fun with water games. As you wish, you can install it above ground, semi buried or buried. The wooden structure will blend in perfectly with the natural environment of your garden.

Structure: Wooden swimming pool with a structure in Northern pine treated in class IV autoclave -.

Shape: Elongated octagonal.

Installation: Above ground / Semi-buried / Buried.

Plank thickness: 42/45 mm.

Width and thickness of copings (cm): 2 slats of 145 x 28 mm.

External dimensions (L x W x H m): 4.86 X 3.36 X 1.20 m.

Interior dimensions (L x l x h m): 4.42 X 2.92 X 1.16 m - Swimming surface 9.35 m².

Volume (m3): 14 m3.

Filtration: Platinum with sand filtration 4 m3/h (sand provided and packaged in the wooden pallet).

Liner: Pale blue liner 75/100 e.

Outboard kit: No.

Ladders: Outdoor wooden ladder and indoor stainless steel ladder (packaged in the wooden pallet).

Ground sheet: Felt bottom and walls.

Summer cover: Optional.

Winter cover: Optional.

Maintenance material kit: Optional.

Water treatment kit: Optional.

Broom socket: Yes.

Skimmer: Yes.

Return nozzle: Yes.

Installation area: 5.00 x 3.50 m - Mandatory concrete slab - Ipn to be embedded in the concrete slab.

Assembly time: 2 days with 2 people excluding concrete slab -.

Help with assembly: Instructions available on the site.

Standards: FSC certification.

Weight: 709 kg.

Guarantee: As wood is a living material subject to variations in temperature and humidity, the dimensions given below should be considered as an indication, they may vary from ± 2 to 12%.

Type of delivery: By appointment, delivery with a 38 T truck.

Type of filtration: from 4m3/h to 6 m3/h.

Pool category: Octagonal between 4 and 5 m.

Depth: from 1.10m to 1.20m.

Packing: 3 packages: - 3.12 x 1.2 x 0.58 m, 680 kg - 1.14 x 0.46 x 0.45 m, 29 kg - 0.5 x 0.6 x 0.4 m , 15 kg.

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